Entertainment / Literature / Digraph: Any use of two alphabetical letters to indicate a single phonetic sound. For instance, in phonograph, the letters spell the /f/ sound. Likewise, in the word dumb, the letters create the /m/ sound, and in pick, the creates the /k/ sound. English regularly uses digraphs like , and to indicate sounds for which there is no single symbol in the commonly used alphabet. Contrast with dipthong.


Entertainment / Literature / Eth: (also spelled edh) A letter in the Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse, and modern Icelandic alphabet. As a capital letter, it is written as a capital 'D' with a horizontal line across the left edge of the D, ofte MORE


Business / Finance / Wedge: A pricing theory that the price of a security reflects the past price and trading history of the security. Theory implies that security prices follow a random walk. Related: Semistrong-form efficiency MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Trigraph: A combination of three symbols or letters to indicate a single sound phonetically. For instance, the in witch represents a single sound phonetically, but English speakers use three letters toget MORE