Entertainment / Literature / Dimeter: A line containing only two metrical feet. See meter and foot.


Entertainment / Literature / Scansion: The act of 'scanning' a poem to determine its meter. To perform scansion, the student breaks down each line into individual metrical feet and determines which syllables have heavy stress and which hav MORE

Burns Stanza Or Meter

Life Style / Poetry / Burns Stanza Or Meter: Six-line stanza with the rhyme scheme aaabab (where a is a tetrameter line, and b is a dimeter line). MORE


Life Style / Poetry / Adonic: A classical greek and latin metre, a dimeter with a dactyl and a spondee / ~ ' ' / ' ' / such as are found at the close of sapphics. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Limerick: A five-line closed-form poem in which the first two lines consist of anapestic trimeter, which in turn are followed by lines of anapestic dimeter, and a final line in trimeter. They rhyme in an AABBA MORE

Double Dactyl

Entertainment / Literature / Double Dactyl: A comic verse written with two quatrains, with each line written in dactylic dimeter. The second line may be a name, and the sixth or seventh line may be a single word. J. A. Cuddon's poem, 'Nicholas MORE