Discovery Space

Entertainment / Literature / Discovery Space: According to Stephen Greenblatt, this is 'A central opening or alcove concealed behind a curtain in the center of the frons scenae. The curtain could be drawn aside to 'discover' tableaux such as Portia's caskets, the body of Polonius, or the statue of Hermione. Shakespeare appears to have used this stage device only sparingly' (1139).

Other Words for Discovery

Discovery Noun Synonyms: exploration, disclosure, detection, revelation
Discovery Verb Synonyms: finding, recognition, uncovering, determining, ascertaining, unearthing, origination, invention, conception, idea, development

Other Words for Space

Space Verb Synonyms: accommodation, seat, berth, room, place
Space Noun Synonyms: interval, lapse, period, time, hiatus, lacuna, span, while, duration, extent, spell, stretch, pause, wait, intermission, gap, break, interruption
Space Adjective Synonyms: spaciousness, room, place, expanse, elbow-room, leeway, margin, latitude, play

Positive Space

Life Style / Travel / Positive Space: Space aboard a ship or aircraft that can be confirmed ahead of time. MORE

Price Discovery Process

Business / Finance / Price Discovery Process: The process of determining the prices of assets in the marketplace through the interactions of buyers and sellers. MORE

Shallow Space Blocking

Technology / Television (TV) / Shallow Space Blocking: A type of blocking associated with multiple-camera, studio set productions, where, due to the shallow sets, the actors mostly move side-to-side, rather than up-and-back. MORE