Dolce Stil Nuovo

Entertainment / Literature / Dolce Stil Nuovo: (Italian, 'sweet new style') Dante uses this term to describe the style of lyric poetry he sought to create in the Purgatorio. He and other Italian poets like Guinicelli and Cavalcanti using this style are called stilnuovisti poets. The most important feature of this style is an attitude toward women and earthly love derived from troubadour poetry. This attitude depicts women as the ultimate form of God's beauty, and women are held to inspire a spiritual love in their male admirers that will ultimately lead them to Divine Love. This attempt to reconcile or combine sacred and sexual love contrasts starkly with monastic literature treating women as an evil temptation to good men.


Business / Construction / Stile: An upright framing member in a panel door. MORE

Standstill Agreement

Business / Finance / Standstill Agreement: Level of priority in the trading crowd. MORE


Science / Biology / Pistil: Female reproductive structures in flowers, consisting of the stigma, style, and ovary. Also known as a carpel in some books. MORE