Entertainment / Literature / Doubling: Greenblatt describes this process as, 'The common [Renaissance] practice of having one actor play multiple roles, so that a play with a large cast of characters might be performed by a relatively small company' (1139).

Doubling Option

Business / Finance / Doubling Option: Agreement between two countries that taxes paid abroad can be offset against domestic taxes levied on foreign dividends. MORE

Line Doubling

Technology / Television (TV) / Line Doubling: A method, through special circuitry, to modify an NTSC interlaced picture to create an effect similar to a progressively scanned picture. The first field of 262.5 odd-numbered lines is stored in digit MORE

Maximum Detectable Range

Technology / Radar / Maximum Detectable Range: The maximum range at which a target can be detected is determined by transmitted power, scanner height, pulse length, receiver sensitivity, atmospheric conditions, target size, shape and reflectivity. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Anadiplosis: (Greek 'doubling') Repeating the last word of a clause at the beginning of the next clause. As Nietzsche said, 'Talent is an adornment, an adornment is also a concealment.' Ann Landers once claimed, ' MORE

Boyles Law

Science / Chemistry / Boyles Law: The pressure of a ideal gas is inversely proportional to its volume, if the temperature and amount of gas is held constant. Doubling gas pressure halves gas volume, if temperature and amount of gas do MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Octave: In audio, the interval between any two frequencies having a ratio of 2 to 1. One octave up from 100 Hz is 200 Hz, where one octave down from 100 Hz is 50 Hz. A harmonic is a doubling (2nd harmonic), t MORE