Entertainment / Literature / Dual: In contrast to the singular and plural forms of nouns and pronouns in Modern English, Old English had a third category, the dual inflection for pronouns. This inflection referred to exactly two people or things. A dual form might refer to to the speaker and one other listener in the audience, for example. The Old English dual personal pronouns included these forms: wit (we two '), unc (us two '), uncer or (the two of ours, ours both'), git (the two of you' i.e., 'ye two'), inc (you both'), incer (yours both')

Dual Torque

Technology / Motors / Dual Torque: Dual speed motor whose torque varies with speed (as the speed changes the horsepower remains constant). MORE

Dual Lnb

Technology / Television (TV) / Dual Lnb: A dual LNB has two coax connections. You can operate up to two satellite television receivers with a dual LNB. MORE

Disclosed Dual Agency

Business / Real Estate / Disclosed Dual Agency: Real estate licensing laws may permit dual agency only if the buyer and seller are informed and consent to the brokers representation of both in the same transaction. Although the possibility of confl MORE