Early Modern English

Entertainment / Literature / Early Modern English: Modern English covers the time-frame from about 1450 or so up to the present day. However, linguists sometimes subdivide Modern English into 'Early Modern' (c. 1450-1800) and 'Late Modern' (c. 1800 to the present).

Other Words for Early

Early Adverb Synonyms: anciently, initially, originally, at or near the start or beginning
Early Adjective Synonyms: initial, beginning, original, first, pioneer, advanced
Early Noun Synonyms: beforehand, ahead (of time), prematurely

Other Words for Modern

Modern Adverb Synonyms: up to date, current, contemporary, today's, new, fresh, novel, brand-new, up to the minute, present-day, latest, new-fashioned, newfangled, modish, in vogue, fashionable, in fashion, stylish, in style, chic, flavor of the month

Modern English

Entertainment / Literature / Modern English: The English language as spoken between about 1450 and the modern day. The language you are speaking now and the language Shakespeare spoke are both considered examples of Modern English. Modern Englis MORE

Modern Portfolio Theory

Business / Finance / Modern Portfolio Theory: Principles underlying the analysis and evaluation of rational portfolio choices based on risk-return trade-offs and efficient diversification. MORE

Modern Romance

Entertainment / Literature / Modern Romance: In contrast with medieval and Renaissance romance, the meaning of a modern romance has become more restricted in the 20th century. Modern nonscholarly speakers refer to romances when they mean formula MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Modernism: A vague, amorphous term referring to the art, poetry, literature, architecture, and philosophy of Europe and America in the early twentieth-century. Scholars do not agree exactly when Modernism began- MORE

Middle English

Entertainment / Literature / Middle English: The version of English spoken after the Norman Conquest from 1066 but before 1450 or so. Before the Norman Conquest, the common version of English was Old English or Anglo-Saxon, a Germanic language t MORE

Late Modern English

Entertainment / Literature / Late Modern English: English as spoken from about the year 1800 to the present. MORE