Easter Uprising

Entertainment / Literature / Easter Uprising: On Easter Monday in 1916, about 1,200 Irish revolutionaries armed with only rifles engaged in an aborted rebellion against English domination of their country. They attempted to capture the fourteen most prominent buildings in Dublin (including most famously, the General Post Office). The British responded by using heavy cannon to flatten the buildings in rebel hands. The rebels attempted a final stand near (ironically) King's Street, but they were wiped out with significant loss of life among Irish civilians and noncombatants who attempted to hide from the fighting. Secret military courts tried and executed rebel leaders--some apparently tied up to chairs and shot in spite of being previously wounded. The Easter Uprising was significant because it lead to anti-British sentiment in Ireland. It built up a greater sense of Irish national identity apart from English control, and it rekindled the failing republican movement. Several prominent Irish poets and authors wrote works based on or inspired by this incident, including W. B. Yeats' 'Easter 1916.' The violence and bloodshed probably also influenced Yeats' 'The Second Coming' in a more abstract sense.

Other Words for Uprising

Uprising Adjective Synonyms: rebellion, revolt, mutiny, revolution, insurrection, rising, putsch, coup (d'‚tat)

Eastern Conference

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Easterly Wave

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Eastern Red Cedar

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