Entertainment / Literature / Eclipsis: (Greek 'leaving out,' cf. Modern English eclipse) A type of enallage in which an author or poet omits essential grammatical elements to create a poetic or artful effect. One example might be the following: This sentence no verb! In this example, the necessary verb has vanishes, but the intentional effect is to highlight its omission. This term is not to be confused with ellipsis, below.


Science / Biology / Mutation: Any heritable change in the nucleotide sequence of DNA; can involve substitutions, insertions, or deletions of one or more nucleotides. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Enallage: (Greek, 'interchange') Intentionally misusing grammar to characterize a speaker or to create a memorable phrase. Boxing manager Joe Jacobs, for instance, became immortal with the phrase, 'We was robbe MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Ellipsis: (plural, ellipses) (1) In its oldest sense as a rhetorical device, ellipsis refers to the artful omission of a word implied by a previous clause. For instance, an author might write, 'The American sol MORE