Entertainment / Literature / Englyn: A group of certain Welsh tercets and quatrains written in strict Welsh meters including monorhyme and cywydd, especially in poems that make use of cynghanedd. The simplest example of an englyn is the soldiers' englyn, a rhymed tercet in which each line has seven syllables.

Free Meter

Entertainment / Literature / Free Meter: Not to be confused with free verse, free meter refers to a type of Welsh poetry in which the meters do not correspond to the 'strict meters' established in the 1400s. Cf. Free verse, strict meter, awd MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Cynghanedd: (pronounced kun HAN neth, lit. Welsh for 'symphony') A Welsh term that loosely denotes sound similarities peculiar to Welsh poetry, especially alliteration and internal rhyme. Typically, the consonant MORE

Dosbarth Gwynedd

Entertainment / Literature / Dosbarth Gwynedd: Also known as the Venodotian Code or the 'four and twenty measures,' the Dosbarth Gwynedd are an ancient and complex set of metrical rules for Welsh poetry associated with the Gwynedd region (north Wa MORE