Epic Simile

Entertainment / Literature / Epic Simile: A formal and sustained simile (see under tropes). Like a regular simile, an epic simile makes a comparison between one object and another using 'like' or 'as.' However, unlike a regular simile, which often appears in a single sentence, the epic simile appears in the genre of the epic and it may be developed at great length, often up to fifty or a hundred lines. Examples include Homer's comparison between Odysseus clinging to the rocks and an octopus with pebbles stuck in its tentacles, or Virgil's comparison between the city of Carthage and a bee-hive. For an example of a Homeric epic simile from The Odyssey, click here. See epic, above.


Entertainment / Literature / Epic: An epic in its most specific sense is a genre of classical poetry. It is a poem that is (a) a long narrative about a serious subject, (b) told in an elevated style of language, (c) focused on the expl MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Epicureanism: The Greek philosophy of Epicurus, who espoused a life of gentle hedonism ameliorated by rational moderation. His idea of epicureanism was so refined as to almost be ascetic. For instance, he urged tha MORE

Epicyclic Gear

Technology / Motorcycle / Epicyclic Gear: A gear that operates around the circumference of another. MORE