Entertainment / Literature / Epigram: (from Greek epigramma 'an inscription') (1) An inscription in verse or prose on a building, tomb, or coin. (2) a short verse or motto appearing at the beginning of a longer poem or the title page of a novel, at the heading of a new section or paragraph of an essay or other literary work to establish mood or raise thematic concerns. The opening epigram to Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Fall of the House of Usher' is one such example. (3) A short, humorous poem, often written in couplets, that makes a satiric point. Coleridge once described this third type of epigram using an epigram himself: A dwarfish whole, / Its body brevity, / and wit its soul.

Other Words for Epigram

Epigram Noun Synonyms: proverb, aphorism, maxim, saw, saying, adage, apophthegm or apothegm
Epigram Adjective Synonyms: witticism, bon mot, quip, mot, turn of phrase, jeu d'esprit, Atticism, pun, double entendre, jeu de mots, play on words, equivoque, paronomasia


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