Entertainment / Literature / Epistolary: Taking the form of a letter, or actually consisting of a letter written to another. For instance, several books in the New Testament written by Saint Paul are epistolary--they were originally letters written to newly founded Christian churches. Sometimes, novelists will write an epistolary novel, in which the story is unveiled as a series of letters between the characters. Some examples include C. S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters, Richardson's Pamela (1740), Fanny Burney's Evelina, Rousseau's La Nouvelle H???©lo????se, Hannah W. Foster's The Coquette, and John Barth's Letters.

Epistolary Novel

Entertainment / Literature / Epistolary Novel: Any novel that takes the form of a series of letters--either written by one character or several characters. The form allows an author to dispense with an omniscient point of view, but still switch be MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Diary: An informal record of a person's private life and day-to-day thoughts and concerns. Conventionally, daily entries take epistolary form with the introductory phrase, 'Dear Diary.' Since the subject-mat MORE