Entertainment / Literature / Epithet: A short, poetic nickname--often in the form of an adjective or adjectival phrase--attached to the normal name. Frequently, this technique allows a poet to extend a line by a few syllables in a poetic manner that characterizes an individual or a setting within an epic poem. (1) The Homeric epithet in classical literature often includes compounds of two words such as, 'fleet-footed Achilles,' 'Cow-eyed Hera,' 'Grey-eyed Athena,' or 'the wine-dark sea.' In other cases, it appears as a phrase, such as 'Odysseus the man-of-many-wiles,' or whatnot.


Entertainment / Literature / Lai: (plural lais, also spelled lay) A short narrative or lyrical poem, usually in octosyllabic couplets, intended to be sung. Helen Cooper called the genre the 'mini-Romance' since the typical theme and c MORE


Life Style / Poetry / Antonomasia : Using an epithet or a title in place of a proper name. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Pietas: In Roman times, pietas is the quality of revering those things that deserve reverence. The word is the source for our modern English word piety and piousness (reverence toward the divine), but the Lat MORE