Escapist Literature

Entertainment / Literature / Escapist Literature: Not to be confused with escape literature, escapist literature is designed primarily for imaginative entertainment rather than readings designed for provoking thought or addressing serious social issues. The term is derogatory in connotation, though one might argue such writing serves a psychological purpose by offering a relief from the stresses or tedium of mundane life. Arguably, the vast bulk of popular reading is escapist in nature. Sir Philip Sidney's Defence of Poesy famously describes the appeal of such escapist work: He cometh unto you with a tale which holdeth children from play and old men from the chimney-corner. See also wish fulfillment.

Other Words for Literature

Literature Adjective Synonyms: writing(s), letters, belles-lettres, creative writing(s)

Fantasy Literature

Entertainment / Literature / Fantasy Literature: Any literature that is removed from reality--especially poems, books, or short narratives set in nonexistent worlds, such as an elvish kingdom, on the moon, in Pellucidar (the hollow center of the ear MORE

Escape Literature

Entertainment / Literature / Escape Literature: Not to be confused with escapist literature, escape literature (also called literature of escape) includes books and short stories about desperate protagonists escaping from confinement--especially fr MORE

Periods Of English Literature

Entertainment / Literature / Periods Of English Literature: The common historical eras scholars use to divide literature into comprehensible sections through periodization. Dividing literature into these sometimes arbitrary periods allows us to better compare MORE