Eschatological Narrative

Entertainment / Literature / Eschatological Narrative: Eschatalogy in Christian theology is the study of the end of things, including the end of the world, life-after-death, and the Last Judgment. An eschatalogical narrative refers to a story dealing with these matters, a story which explains what the ultimate ending or conclusion of something. The term should not be confused with scatological narratives. Contrast with etiological narrative, below.

Other Words for Narrative

Narrative Noun Synonyms: story, tale, chronicle, description, revelation, portrayal, account, report, record, history, recital, statement

Etiological Narrative

Entertainment / Literature / Etiological Narrative: Etiology is the branch of philosophy dealing with the origins of things or how things came to be. An etiological narrative in folklore, mythology/religion, or literature is a story that explains how a MORE

Narrative Narration

Entertainment / Literature / Narrative Narration: Narration is the act of telling a sequence of events, often in chronological order. Alternatively, the term refers to any story, whether in prose or verse, involving events, characters, and what the c MORE

Non-Narrative Television

Technology / Television (TV) / Non-Narrative Television: Televisual texts (e.g., news and sports programs, game shows, some commercials) that present reality to us without using conventional narrative structures. Instead, nonnarrative television relies on e MORE