Entertainment / Literature / Eth: (also spelled edh) A letter in the Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse, and modern Icelandic alphabet. As a capital letter, it is written as a capital 'D' with a horizontal line across the left edge of the D, often called a 'crossed D.' As a lower-case letter, it is written as a curving lower-case d with a horizontal line midway across the vertical stroke. The letter eth represented the interdental fricative sound found in words like then, and it contrasts with the letter thorn, which represents the sound found in words like thin. In modern English, we use the digraph to represent both sounds.

Methylmalonic Acidemia

Science / Genetics / Methylmalonic Acidemia: A group of conditions characterized by the inability to metabolize methylmalonic acid or by a defect in the metabolism of vitamin b12. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Boethian: Having to do with the philosophy of Boethius, i.e., a philosophy of predestination suggesting all events appearing evil, misfortunate, disastrous, or accidental are none of these things. Rather, such MORE

Méthode Champenoise (France)

Life Style / Wine / Méthode Champenoise (France): The traditional method for making Champagne, in which the second fermentation occurs within the bottle. A legally protected term - only Champagne may wear this on the label - although the method is us MORE