Ethnic Dialect

Entertainment / Literature / Ethnic Dialect: A dialect used by a racial or national group, as opposed to a caste dialect or regional dialect.

Other Words for Dialect

Dialect Verb Synonyms: speech (pattern), phraseology, idiom, accent, pronunciation, patois, vernacular, jargon, cant,, argot, language, tongue, Creole, pidgin, brogue, burr, lingo

Northern Dialect

Entertainment / Literature / Northern Dialect: A dialect of American English stretching through the northernmost sections of the United States. MORE

North Midland Dialect

Entertainment / Literature / North Midland Dialect: A dialect of American English spoke in a strip of land just south of the Northern Dialect. This should not be confused with the Midlands dialect of English spoken in Britain. MORE

Regional Dialect

Entertainment / Literature / Regional Dialect: Another term for geographic dialect. MORE

Register Dialect

Entertainment / Literature / Register Dialect: A dialectal variation used only for a particular circumstance or for a specific purpose. For instance, the ceremonial language of sermons, weddings, and funerals often uses words like brethren or belo MORE

Social Dialect

Entertainment / Literature / Social Dialect: In linguistics, a dialect used by a special social group rather than through an entire ethnicity or region. MORE

Caste Dialect

Entertainment / Literature / Caste Dialect: A dialect spoken by specific hereditary classes in a society. Often the use of caste dialect marks the speaker as part of that particular class. MORE