Exit - Exuent

Entertainment / Literature / Exit - Exuent: Common Latin stage directions found in the margins of Shakespearean plays. Exit is the singular for 'He [or she] goes out.' Exuent is the plural form for multiple individuals. Often the phrase is accompanied with explanatory remarks, such as Exuent omnes (Everybody goes out'), or Exit solus (He alone goes out').

Other Words for Exit

Exit Noun Synonyms: way out, egress, door, gate, outlet, vent

Policy-Procedures Manual

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Policy-Procedures Manual: A detailed written document designed to assist managers and supervisors in carrying out their day-to-day responsibilities by acquainting them with all of the organization's policies and the procedures MORE

Pooh-Pooh Hypothesis

Entertainment / Literature / Pooh-Pooh Hypothesis: In linguistics, the idea that language began as emotional outbursts or surprised exclamations, contrast with the bow-wow theory, the ding-dong theory, and the yo-he-ho theory. MORE

Pop-Under Ad

Business / Internet Marketing / Pop-Under Ad: An ad that displays in a new browser window behind the current browser window. MORE