Extra-Textual Meaning

Entertainment / Literature / Extra-Textual Meaning: Meaning that originates not in the text being read, but in another related text. The most common type of extra-textual meaning is an allusion, in which an author briefly refers to a character, event, place, or object from the Bible, mythology, history, or another literary work. Since the author does not necessarily explain this allusion, it is up to the reader to recognize the reference and supply the significance from the outside text. Contrast with intra-textual meaning.

Other Words for Meaning

Meaning Adjective Synonyms: purport, implication, drift, spirit, connotation, significance, intention
Meaning Noun Synonyms: sense, import, content, signification, denotation, message, substance, gist

Transfer Of Meaning

Entertainment / Literature / Transfer Of Meaning: A change in meaning--often poetic in origin--in which a word's referent alters by a figure of speech such as a synecdoche, a metaphor, or a metonym. For instance, consider the phrase, 'all hands on de MORE

Intra-Textual Meaning

Entertainment / Literature / Intra-Textual Meaning: Meaning that originates not within a work itself, but that originates in a related work in the same collection. For instance, in William Blake's Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience, we find a poem MORE

Fourfold Meaning

Entertainment / Literature / Fourfold Meaning: Another term for fourfold interpretation, this word refers to the medieval idea that every passage in the Bible can be interpreted according to at least one of four possible levels of meaning. The tex MORE