Eye Dialect

Entertainment / Literature / Eye Dialect: A type of metaplasmus using unconventional spellings to represent conventional pronunciation: for instance, 'He shud of left sooner' instead of 'He should have left sooner.'

Other Words for Dialect

Dialect Verb Synonyms: speech (pattern), phraseology, idiom, accent, pronunciation, patois, vernacular, jargon, cant,, argot, language, tongue, Creole, pidgin, brogue, burr, lingo

Other Words for Eye

Eye Noun Synonyms: discernment, perception, taste, judgment, discrimination, percipience, perspicacity, appreciation, sensitivity, knowledge, recognition, comprehension
Eye Verb Synonyms: eyeball, orb, optic
Eye Adjective Synonyms: vision, (eye)sight, visual acuity, perception

Northern Dialect

Entertainment / Literature / Northern Dialect: A dialect of American English stretching through the northernmost sections of the United States. MORE

Red Eye

Entertainment / Photography / Red Eye: Effect encountered when light from a flash unit travels parallel to the lens axis during exposure. MORE

North Midland Dialect

Entertainment / Literature / North Midland Dialect: A dialect of American English spoke in a strip of land just south of the Northern Dialect. This should not be confused with the Midlands dialect of English spoken in Britain. MORE

Market Eye

Business / Finance / Market Eye: A financial information service based in the U.K. sponsored by the ISE (International Stock Exchange of the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland) that provides current market and statistical information. MORE

Keyed Emulsion Sensitivity

Entertainment / Photography / Keyed Emulsion Sensitivity: Term used to describe the color response of color printing papers which have peak sensitivities to the three dye colors present in the same manufacturers color negatives. MORE

Level Your Eyes

Health / Pilates / Level Your Eyes: To focus your eyes horizontally straight ahead of you. Leveling your eyes will help maintain proper neck and head placement, as well as enhance your balance. MORE