Fantasy Literature

Entertainment / Literature / Fantasy Literature: Any literature that is removed from reality--especially poems, books, or short narratives set in nonexistent worlds, such as an elvish kingdom, on the moon, in Pellucidar (the hollow center of the earth), or in alternative versions of the historical world--such as a version of London where vampires or sorcerers have seized control of parliament. The characters are often something other than humans, or human characters may interact with nonhuman characters such as trolls, dragons, munchkins, kelpies, etc. Examples include J. R. R. Tolkien's synthetic histories in The Silmarilion, Michael Moorcock's The Dreaming City, or the books in Stephen R. Donaldson's series, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. See also escapist literature. Contrast with magic realism, science fiction and speculative fiction.

Other Words for Fantasy

Fantasy Noun Synonyms: make-believe, invention, cabrication, fiction, masquerade, fable, concoction, pretence
Fantasy Adjective Synonyms: imagination, fancy, creativity, inventiveness, creativity, originality

Other Words for Literature

Literature Adjective Synonyms: writing(s), letters, belles-lettres, creative writing(s)


Entertainment / Literature / Metaliterature: Literary art focused on the subject of literary art itself. Often this term is further divided into metapoetry, metafiction, and metadrama. MORE

Literature Of Sensibility

Entertainment / Literature / Literature Of Sensibility: Eighteenth-century literature that values emotionalism over rationalism. This literature tends to perceive feelings as more reliable guides to morality and truth than abstract principles, and thus it MORE

Gothic Literature

Entertainment / Literature / Gothic Literature: Poetry, short stories, or novels designed to thrill readers by providing mystery and blood-curdling accounts of villainy, murder, and the supernatural. As J. A. Cuddon suggests, the conventions of got MORE