Color Conversion Filter

Entertainment / Photography / Color Conversion Filter: See cc filters.

Other Words for Color

Color Adjective Synonyms: hue, tint, tincture, shade, tone, cast, tinge, pigmentation, pigment, dye
Color Noun Synonyms: tint, dye, stain, paint, crayon, tincture, tinge, pigment
Color Verb Synonyms: influence, affect, distort, falsify, taint, warp, twist, slant, pervert, bias

Other Words for Filter

Filter Noun Synonyms: leach, percolate, drip, seep, dribble, trickle, drain, run or pass through, ooze
Filter Adjective Synonyms: sieve, colander, riddle, screen, strainer, gauze, cloth, cheesecloth, membrane

Graduated Color

Life Style / Painting / Graduated Color: The range of color from light to dark or from warm to cool that results in a gradually changing effect. MORE

Graduated Filter

Entertainment / Photography / Graduated Filter: Filter with a colored section, which gradually reduces in density toward the center of the filter. The rest of the filter is clear. Also referred to as a graduated filter MORE

Hand Coloring

Entertainment / Photography / Hand Coloring: Process of applying color tints, in the form of paint, to a photographic image to create or enhance the color effect. MORE

Gelatin Filters

Entertainment / Photography / Gelatin Filters: Filters cut from dyed gelatin sheets and held in front of the lens or studio light. MORE

Fugitive Colors

Life Style / Painting / Fugitive Colors: The pigments in the 'fugitive' class of paints have the unfortunate characteristic of looking beautiful and unique when first painted but show bad side-effects over time. Side effects include fading t MORE

Forced Conversion

Business / Finance / Forced Conversion: The risk that there will be prolonged interruption of operations for a project finance enterprise due to fire, flood, storm, or some other factor beyond the control of the project's sponsors. MORE