Specialty Services

Health / Health Insurance / Specialty Services: Services that are provided by independent, specialty organizations rather than by the MCO providing the basic health plan.

Other Words for Services

Services Noun Synonyms: army, navy, air force, marines, armed forces or services, military

Other Words for Specialty

Specialty Adjective Synonyms: expertise, talent, genius, gift, skill, aptitude, trade, craft, accomplishment, ability, strength, forte, strong point, capability, adeptness, art, sphere, field, area, subject, concentration, specialization, m‚tier, specialty, Col

Short-Term Investment Services

Business / Finance / Short-Term Investment Services: A profit or loss realized from the sale of securities held for less than a year that is taxed at normal income tax rates if the net total is positive. MORE

Special Services

Life Style / Travel / Special Services: An airline term that designates a passenger who has special requests, such as requiring assistance boarding or departing the aircraft, or special meal requirements. MORE

Specialty Coffee

Life Style / Coffee / Specialty Coffee: Practice of selling coffees by country of origin, roast, flavoring, or special blend, rather than by brand or trademark. The term specialty coffee also suggests the trade and culture that has grown up MORE

Seo Services

Business / Internet Marketing / Seo Services: SEO Services are designed to get your website a top ranking in the results of search engines for any given keyword. MORE

Reunification Services

Life Style / Adoption / Reunification Services: Interventions by social worker and other professionals to help children and their birth parents develop mutually reciprocal relationships that will help them to live together again as a family. MORE

Member Services

Health / Health Insurance / Member Services: The department responsible for helping members with any problems, handling member grievances and complaints, tracking and reporting patterns of problems encountered, and enhancing the relationship bet MORE