Single Supplement

Life Style / Travel / Single Supplement: An additional charge when purchasing a cruise or tour whose pricing is based on double-occupancy. This supplement can be as much as twice the ppdo rate.

Other Words for Single

Single Noun Synonyms: separate, distinct, individual, solitary
Single Verb Synonyms: unmarried, unwed, unattached, free, celibate

Other Words for Supplement

Supplement Adjective Synonyms: add (on or to), extend, augment, complement
Supplement Verb Synonyms: addendum, addition, appendix, epilogue, end-piece, postscript, appendage, extension, continuation, adjunct, annexe, appurtenance, accessory, codicil, insert, sequel, supplementation, suppletion

Single Occupancy

Life Style / Travel / Single Occupancy: The occupancy by one person of a cabin that is designed to accommodate two or more passengers. A premium (single supplement - see below) is ordinarily charged. MORE

Single-Origin Coffee

Life Style / Coffee / Single-Origin Coffee: Unblended coffee from a single country, region, and crop. MORE

Single-Payment Bond

Business / Finance / Single-Payment Bond: A model of stock returns that decomposes influences on returns into a systematic factor, as measured by the return on the broad market index, and firm specific factors. Related: Market Model MORE

Single-Premium Life Insurance

Business / Finance / Single-Premium Life Insurance: An IRA-like annuity into which an investor makes a lump-sum payment that is invested in either a fixed-return instrument or a variable-return portfolio, which is taxed only when distributions are take MORE

Single-State Municipal Bond Fund

Business / Finance / Single-State Municipal Bond Fund: A whole life insurance policy requiring one premium payment, which accrues cash value much more quickly than a policy paid in installments. MORE

Single-Premium Deferred Annuity (SPDA)

Business / Finance / Single-Premium Deferred Annuity (SPDA): A bond that makes only one payment of principal and interest. MORE