Black Spanish

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Black Spanish: Has several synonym names including Burgundy, Jacquez, Lenoir and Blue French. N.B:The latter name not to be confused with the same synonym for the V.vinifera Blaufrankisch variety. The named cultivar is an oldline 19th century bunchgrape, derived from a cross between an unknown Vinifera and native American V.bourquiniana (V.aestivalis ?) species, recommended for use in the lower Gulf States of the U.S.A. However reports indicate a low sugar and acid balance in mature fruit and it is no longer high on the recommendation list for those areas. Thought by some to have a clonal relationship to Herbemont. Has good resistance to Pierce's Disease, producing large clusters of small red fleshed berries. Does not propagate well from hardwood cuttings and grafting to a suitable rootstock, such as Dogridge or Tampa, is recommended if to be cultivated in deep sandy soils. Although used to produce a blending wine it is not recommended for use as a varietal red wine because of limited color stability and a taste some find unacceptable. Note: Not to be confused with the large, dark black french tablegrape, named Long Black Spanish, that usually ripens in early October and is commonly used to decorate baskets of fruit.

Other Words for Black

Black Verb Synonyms: boycott, embargo, blacklist, ban, interdict
Black Adjective Synonyms: jet, jet-black, coal-black, inky, sooty, swart, swarthy, raven, ebony, dusky, ebon, hyacinthine

Black Alicante

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Black Alicante: Has several synonym names including Long Black Spanish, Black Saint Peters and Gros Maroc. Grown in many countries as a tablegrape it is listed as originating in Spain. Normally ripens in late October MORE

Black-Scholes Option-Pricing Model

Business / Finance / Black-Scholes Option-Pricing Model: A model for pricing call options based on arbitrage arguments. Uses the stock price, the exercise price, the risk-free interest rate, the time to expiration, and the expected standard deviation of the MORE

Blackberry Brandy

Entertainment / Liquor / Blackberry Brandy: Blackberry flavored brandy. 70 proof. MORE