Science / Astrology / Affinity: A mutual attraction or innate congeniality.

Other Words for Affinity

Affinity Noun Synonyms: relationship, kinship, closeness, alliance, connection, sympathy, rapport

Affinity Fraud

Business / Taxes / Affinity Fraud: Affinity fraud occurs when a dishonest person plays on your affiliation with a group — such as a house of worship, social club, support group, charity, or veterans’ group — as a way to win your MORE

Electron Affinity

Science / Chemistry / Electron Affinity: The enthalpy change for the addition of one electron to an atom or ion in the gaseous state. For example, the electron affinity of hydrogen is deltah in the reaction H(g) + e- rightarrow H-(g)deltah = MORE

Preformed Group

Life Style / Travel / Preformed Group: A tour group in existence prior to the tour, the members of which share a common bond, interest or organizational affiliation. Also referred to as affinity group. MORE


Science / Biology / Hydrophobic: Water-fearing.Term applied to nonpolar molecules that cannot bond with water. MORE

Proton Donor

Science / Chemistry / Proton Donor: Because a free H+ ion is technically a bare proton, acids are sometimes referred to as 'proton donors' because they release hydrogen ions in solution. The term 'proton donor' is misleading, since in a MORE

Reverse Bohr Effect

Science / Marine Biology / Reverse Bohr Effect: Effect that occurs when lactate builds up in the blood of certain invertebrates and ph decreases, increasing the affinity of hemocyanin for oxygen MORE