Akashic Records

Science / Astrology / Akashic Records: The memory of nature. Akashic is a Sanskrit term referring to the etheric substratum of the universe. A permanent record of every event, sound, sight, or thought that has occurred during the history of creation is stamped upon this electro-spiritual substance.

Personnel Records

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Personnel Records: All information pertaining to individual employees, which is collected and maintained by the employer and is essential to the employer for handling various employment-related matters. MORE

Public Records

Business / Real Estate / Public Records: Records which by law give constructive notice of matters relating to property. MORE

Payroll Records

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Payroll Records: Documentation created and maintained by the employer, which contains information regarding hours worked, salaries, wages, commissions, bonuses, vacation/sick pay, contributions to qualified health and MORE

Open Records

Life Style / Adoption / Open Records: Accessibility to own adoption records by each member of the triad. This includes access to identifying information. MORE

Cost Records

Business / Finance / Cost Records: All the costs associated with the goods or services that were sold during a specified accounting period, including materials, labor, and overhead. MORE

Daily Work Records

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Daily Work Records: A daily log of job tasks being performed by individual employees over a certain period of time. Used often as a form of job analysis. MORE