Anaretic Degree

Science / Astrology / Anaretic Degree: The final degree (29th degree) of any Sign. It is also known as the degree of fate.

Other Words for Degree

Degree Noun Synonyms: measure, magnitude, extent, limit, point, lengths, step
Degree Adjective Synonyms: grade, level, stage, class, caste, rank, order, scale, standing, status, station, position, situation, estate, condition

Anaretic Place

Science / Astrology / Anaretic Place: The final degree (between 29° and 30°) of any sign, also called the degree of fate. Planets and house cusps that occupy anaretic degrees indicate fundamental issues with which one must deal. MORE

Heating Degree Day

Science / Weather / Heating Degree Day: One heating degree day is given for each degree that the daily mean temperature is below 65°F. It is used as an indication of fuel consumption. MORE

Joint Degree

Life Style / College / Joint Degree: Pursuit of two degrees (e.g., business and law) at the same time; students achieving joint degrees frequently benefit from special programs enabling a shortened period of study. MORE

Electrical Degree

Technology / Motors / Electrical Degree: A unit of measurement of time as applied to alternating current. One complete cycle =360 electrical degrees. One cycle in a rotating electric machine is accomplished when the rotating field moves from MORE

Doctorate Degree

Life Style / College / Doctorate Degree: The highest university degree granted, usually after completion of a master's degree. MORE

Lame Degrees

Science / Astrology / Lame Degrees: See mutilated degrees. MORE