Anaretic Place

Science / Astrology / Anaretic Place: The final degree (between 29° and 30°) of any sign, also called the degree of fate. Planets and house cusps that occupy anaretic degrees indicate fundamental issues with which one must deal.

Other Words for Place

Place Noun Synonyms: seat, chair, position
Place Adverb Synonyms: position, job, post, berth, appointment, livelihood, employment, occupation, billet
Place Verb Synonyms: put (out), position, situate, locate, dispose, arrange, order, set (out), lay, deposit, station, post, spot, pinpoint, stick, bung
Place Adjective Synonyms: function, role, part, purpose, duty, obligation, task, responsibility, charge, chore, burden, concern, mission

Placental Mammals

Science / Biology / Placental Mammals: One of three groups of mammals that carry their young in the mothers body for long periods during which the fetus is nourished by the placenta. Humans are placental mammals. MORE


Science / Biology / Placenta: An organ produced from interlocking maternal and embryonic tissue in placental mammals; supplies nutrients to the embryo and fetus and removes wastes. MORE

Placement Testing

Life Style / College / Placement Testing: Placement tests ensure that you get started in the right classes for your academic background and your program. Taking a class for which you are not prepared could prevent you from successfully moving MORE

Placer Deposit

Science / Geology / Placer Deposit: A mass of stream sediment that contains an economically significant concentration of mineral particles. This accumulation of mineral particles is a result of their being of high specific gravity or re MORE

Post-Placement Visits

Life Style / Adoption / Post-Placement Visits: Investigation and interviews with an adoptive family once a child has been placed with them. MORE

Product Placement

Technology / Television (TV) / Product Placement: The appearance of a trademarked product (e.g., Budweiser beer or Apple computers) in a program-when the sponsor pays for such placement. MORE