Apparent Motion

Science / Astrology / Apparent Motion: The motion of a heavenly body as seen from earth. Thus, people refer to 'Sunrise' when, in fact, it is the Earth which moves. Planet seem to rise over the Ascendant although they are actually traveling in the opposite direction around the Sun.

Other Words for Apparent

Apparent Adjective Synonyms: evident, plain, clear, obvious, patent, unmistakable, conspicuous, marked, manifest, visible, discernible

Other Words for Motion

Motion Verb Synonyms: movement, moving, change, shift, shifting, action, going, travelling, travel, progress, passage, transit, activity, commotion, stir, agitation, turmoil, turbulence
Motion Noun Synonyms: mobility, movability, motility

Market Promotion Program (MPP)

Business / Agriculture / Market Promotion Program (MPP): An export promotion program authorized by the FACT Act of 1990 that replaced the Targeted Export Assistance (TEA) program authorized by the Food Security Act of 1985. The MPP was renamed the Market Ac MORE

Mean Motion

Science / Astrology / Mean Motion: Average motion or rate of travel within a specified time period. MORE


Entertainment / Football / Motion: The movement of offensive players prior to the snap. MORE

Motion capture

Entertainment / Video Games / Motion capture: A technology used to record the movements of real actors so that their in-game counterparts appear to move in a more realistic fashion. MORE


Entertainment / Football / Man-In-Motion: A player on offense who is moving backwards or parallel to the line of scrimmage just before the snap. In American football, only one offensive player can be in motion at a time, cannot be moving towa MORE

Level Of No Motion

Science / Tides and Currents / Level Of No Motion: A level (or layer) at which it is assumed that an isobaric surface coincides with a geopotential surface. A level (or layer) at which there is no horizontal pressure gradient force. MORE