Aquarian Age

Science / Astrology / Aquarian Age: A time period of 2000 years where the influence of Aquarius is prominent. An age lasts for 2000 years and moves backward through the Zodiac. The Age of Aquarius starts at approximately the new millennium.

Other Words for Age

Age Verb Synonyms: grow old(er), mature, ripen
Age Noun Synonyms: lifetime, duration, length of existence, life-span

Astrological Age

Science / Astrology / Astrological Age: A period of about 2,150 years, or one-twelfth of the Great Year of approximately 25,800 years. It represents the time required for the vernal equinox to retrograde through the thirty-degree arc of one MORE

Multiclass Mortgage Securities

Business / Real Estate / Multiclass Mortgage Securities: Short- and long-term mortgage securities, with or without pass-through privileges. MORE

Mr. (Or Mrs.) Average

Entertainment / Bowling / Mr. (Or Mrs.) Average: Facetious name for a bowler who doesn't show up, since his or her average is often used to compute team scoring. See also blind. MORE


Life Style / Wine / Mutage: The process of arresting fermentation by the addition of grape spirit, this is essentially fortification. See my feature on mutage, in my Sweet Wine series, for more detailed information. MORE


Science / Genetics / Mutagenicity: The capacity of a chemical or physical agent to cause permanent genetic alterations. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Mutagen: An agent that causes a permanent genetic change in a cell other than that which occurs during normal growth. Testing to determine mutagenicity is one component of assessing the potential chronic toxic MORE