Science / Astrology / Ascendant: The degree of the zodiac rising over the eastern horizon of the birthplace at the moment of birth. This degree forms the first house cusp of a horoscope and is of great personal significance in the character and life of the individual.

Solar Chart

Science / Astrology / Solar Chart: A horoscope that is set up with the placement of the Sun positioned at the Ascendant. This type of chart is sometimes used with the hour of birth is not known. MORE


Science / Astrology / Accidental: Ascendant From Evangeline Adams' horary technique in which an Ascendant is determined according to the time and date of the questions, and the querent's natal horoscope is rotated according to this ne MORE

Rising Sign

Science / Astrology / Rising Sign: Synonymous with Ascendant. See Ascendant. MORE


Science / Astrology / Nonagesimal: The point 90° from the Ascendant. The highest point of the ecliptic above the horizon. MORE

Nodal Chart

Science / Astrology / Nodal Chart: An equal house chart, which places the Moon's South Node at the Ascendant, used primarily by medical astrologers to diagnose health problems. In this context, the South Node and Ascendant represent th MORE


Science / Astrology / Descendant: Point opposite the Ascendant and cusp of the seventh house; it describes one's interreation with others. MORE