Aspect Pattern

Science / Astrology / Aspect Pattern: Particular combinations of aspects that form special planetary configurations.

Other Words for Aspect

Aspect Noun Synonyms: viewpoint, point of view, position, standpoint, side

Other Words for Pattern

Pattern Verb Synonyms: figure, motif, design, device, decoration, ornament
Pattern Noun Synonyms: model, original, archetype, prototype, exemplar, paragon, ideal, standard, yardstick, criterion, gauge, measure

Planetary Patterns

Science / Astrology / Planetary Patterns: Used interchangeably with shaping. Sometimes equated with aspect patterns. See also shaping, Bowl, Bucket, Bundle, Locomotive, See-Saw, Splash, Splay. MORE

Payments Pattern

Business / Finance / Payments Pattern: Describes the collection pattern of receivables. The pattern might describe the probability that a 72-day-old account will still be unpaid when it is 73 days-old. MORE

Pickup Pattern

Technology / Television (TV) / Pickup Pattern: In microphones, the shape of the space in which the microphone is sensitive to sound. Common patterns include omnidirectional and cardioid. MORE

Pattern Recognition

Science / Chemistry / Pattern Recognition: A computational technique used to find patterns and develop classification schemes for data in very large data sets. MORE

Pattern Poetry

Life Style / Poetry / Pattern Poetry: Verse that creates the shape of its subject typographically on the page (and thus also called 'shape poetry'). George herbert's 'easter wings' and lewis carroll's story of a cat and a mouse in alice i MORE

Mundane Aspects

Science / Astrology / Mundane Aspects: Aspects by house rather than by degree. For example, a mundane sextile from a planet on the cusp of the second house to one on the cusp of the fourth might be less or more than the 60° required for a MORE