Science / Astrology / Astrologer: One who practices astrology; a professional spook. Syn. Weirdo; charlatan.


Science / Astrology / Converse: Measurements, which follow the reverse order of the natural zodiac, used primarily to direct or progress a horoscope backward in time. Converse directions are interpreted by some astrologers as relati MORE


Science / Astrology / Campanus: Thirteenth century astrologer and mathematician who devised the house system that bears his name, which divides the prime vertical into equal 30° arcs. MORE

Naibod Arc

Science / Astrology / Naibod Arc: Mean daily motion of the sun, 59' 08'; used to progress a natal horoscope by assuming one Naibod arc equals one year of life, according to the method introduced by Johann Naibod, sixteenth century ast MORE

Nodal Chart

Science / Astrology / Nodal Chart: An equal house chart, which places the Moon's South Node at the Ascendant, used primarily by medical astrologers to diagnose health problems. In this context, the South Node and Ascendant represent th MORE


Science / Astrology / Alpheta: Literally, the giver of life; A well aspected benefic that occupies an aphetic (hylegiacal) place in the horoscope, said to have life-preserving qualities. Afflictions to the Apheta were believed by a MORE


Science / Astrology / Benefic: Said of planets and aspects considered to be positive or helpful influences. Traditionally, Jupiter is the Greater Benefic and Venus is the Lesser Benefic; the Sun, Moon and Mercury are moderately ben MORE