Science / Astrology / Bowl: One of the seven horoscope patterns identified by the late Marc Edmund Jones according to the picture formed by planetary distribution in a horoscope. All ten planets placed in approximately one-half of a horoscope indicate the Bowl. Interpretation focuses on self-containment directed toward the area of horoscope placement.

Other Words for Bowl

Bowl Noun Synonyms: dish, basin, pan
Bowl Verb Synonyms: move, trundle, wheel, roll, spin

Bowl Out

Entertainment / Bowling / Bowl Out: The practice of allowing a team player to complete their game by bowling more than their schedule turn at one time; allowed as a courtesy to a player that has other time commitments; league and tourna MORE

The Bowl

Entertainment / Bowling / The Bowl: Another name for the bowling center. I am going to the bowl. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Bowl-Off: First elimination of bowling (semi-finals). A Roll-off is final eliminations, (Finals). MORE