Science / Astrology / Bundle: According to the late Marc Edmund Jones, a tightly-packed planetary arrangement in which all ten planets are confined in a horoscope to the space of a trine (120°). The Bundle is descriptive of narrowness, uniqueness, specialization in the area of horoscope occupation.

Other Words for Bundle

Bundle Verb Synonyms: gather (together), tie up (together), collect, pack, package
Bundle Noun Synonyms: bunch, collection, package, parcel, packet, pack, bale, sheaf, fardel

Vascular Bundle

Science / Biology / Vascular Bundle: Groups of xylem, phloem and cambium cells in stems of plants descended from the procambium embryonic tissue layer. MORE

Bundle Of Legal Rights

Business / Real Estate / Bundle Of Legal Rights: The concept of land ownership that includes ownership of all legal rights to the land. For example, possession, control within the law and enjoyment. MORE

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Technology / Computers / Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): Any manufacturer that sells its product to a reseller. Most often refers to the original manufacturer of a device or component, but certain products licensed as OEM, like Windows operating systems, ex MORE

Inclusive Tour

Life Style / Travel / Inclusive Tour: A package tour that bundles transportation, accommodations, transfers, sightseeing, possibly some meals, etc. MORE

Asset-Backed Bond

Business / Taxes / Asset-Backed Bond: Asset-backed bonds, also known as asset-backed securities, are secured by loans or by money owed to a company for merchandise or services purchased on credit. For example, an asset-backed bond is crea MORE

Effective Aperture

Entertainment / Photography / Effective Aperture: Diameter of the bundle of light rays striking the first lens element that actually pass through the lens at any given diaphragm setting. MORE