Celestial Equator

Science / Astrology / Celestial Equator: The extension of Earth's equator into space, perpendicular to Earth's axis.

Other Words for Celestial

Celestial Adjective Synonyms: heavenly, divine, spiritual, godly, paradisiac(al) or paradisaic, sublime, empyrean, Elysian, ethereal, immortal, supernatural


Science / Astrology / Equator: The plane perpendicular to Earth's polar axis, which divides Earth into two hemispheres, north and south. The extension of this plane into space forms the celestial equator. MORE

Latitude, Celestial

Science / Astrology / Latitude, Celestial: Angular distance measured north or south of the plane of the ecliptic. MORE

Equatorial Undercurrent

Science / Tides and Currents / Equatorial Undercurrent: A subsurface current setting eastward along the Equator in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. In the Pacific, its core of maximum velocity lies at a depth of about 100 meters within the South E MORE

Longitude, Celestial

Science / Astrology / Longitude, Celestial: The distance in degrees (arc) from 0° Aries eastward to any given point that intersects the ecliptic. Celestial longitude is measured from 0° to 360°. For example, 10° Taurus is expressed astronom MORE

Equatorial Trough

Science / Weather / Equatorial Trough: The quasi-continuous area of low pressure between the subtropical high pressure areas in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. MORE

Celestial Body

Science / Astrology / Celestial Body: A physical form which exists in space; such as a planet. MORE