Science / Astrology / Chart: A horoscope.

Other Words for Chart

Chart Verb Synonyms: plot, plan, map (out), design
Chart Noun Synonyms: sea-chart, map

Prognostic Chart

Science / Weather / Prognostic Chart: A chart of forecast predictions that may include pressure, fronts. precipitation, temperature, and other meteorological elements. Also known as a prog. MORE

Constant Pressure Chart

Science / Weather / Constant Pressure Chart: A chart of a constant pressure surface in which atmospheric pressure is uniform everywhere at any given moment. Elements may include analyses of height above sea level, wind, temperature, and humidity MORE

Nodal Chart

Science / Astrology / Nodal Chart: An equal house chart, which places the Moon's South Node at the Ascendant, used primarily by medical astrologers to diagnose health problems. In this context, the South Node and Ascendant represent th MORE

Radical Chart

Science / Astrology / Radical Chart: The natal horoscope. In horary astrology, the term radical applies to a chart deemed readable by virtue of the Ascendant being greater than 3° and less than 27° in any sign. MORE

Natural Chart

Science / Astrology / Natural Chart: A chart with 0° Aries on the cusp of the first house that shows the natural horoscope position of signs. Also called a flat chart. MORE

Composite Chart

Science / Astrology / Composite Chart: A single horoscope made up from two or more natal charts by averaging house cusps and planetary positions of the natal charts. A composite chart gives insight into the relationship that exists between MORE