Science / Astrology / Comet: From the Latin cometa, literally hair of the head, figuratively, tail of a comet. A bright star-like heavenly body, composed of masses of tiny particles and gases, which follows an eccentric orbit of the Sun that for some comets can take thousands of years to complete. Most comets form luminous 'tails', bits of meteroic material and gases that stream off into space, when they near the Sun.

Halleys Comet

Science / Astrology / Halleys Comet: Named for the English astronomer, Edmund Halley, who correctly predicted, in 1682, the comet's return in 1759. One of the most brilliant comets viewed from Earth, it reappears approximately every seve MORE


Science / Chemistry / Picometer: One picometer is 10-12 meters. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Cometta: Red wine variety grown in central Italy. Used as an ingredient in sweet wine blends. MORE