Science / Astrology / Configuration: An aspect involving three or more planets.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

Technology / Computers / Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP): This is a process of dynamically allocating IP addresses so that they can be reused. This provides a way of managing IP addresses for all PC's connected to cable modems in a network. MORE

Electron Configuration

Science / Chemistry / Electron Configuration: A list showing how many electrons are in each orbital or subshell. There are several notations. The subshell notation lists subshells in order of increasing energy, with the number of electrons in eac MORE

Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)

Technology / Computers / Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI): A standard developed by Intel, Toshiba, and Microsoft that implements advanced power managment functions through the operating system. Also known as APM (advanced power management). MORE

Free-Air Configuration

Technology / Home Audio / Free-Air Configuration: This description usually indicates a speaker that, in the opinion of the manufacturer, is suitable for mounting in only a minimal enclosure, such as a baffle board that separates the back wave from th MORE

Neap Tide

Science / Geology / Neap Tide: A tide cycle of unusually small amplitude, which occurs twice monthly when the lunar and solar tides are opposed-that is, when the gravitational pull of the Sun is at right angles to that of the Moon. MORE

Permucosal Pin Implants

Health / Dentistry / Permucosal Pin Implants: Endosseous dental implants, shafts of which are threaded or smooth, used in bipodial or tripodial configurations as an abutment. MORE