Science / Astrology / Converse: Measurements, which follow the reverse order of the natural zodiac, used primarily to direct or progress a horoscope backward in time. Converse directions are interpreted by some astrologers as relating to the year after birth that corresponds to the year before birth for with they are calculated. Others believe that converse directions reveal karmic and inherited psychological needs that relate to the corresponding progressed horoscope.

Other Words for Converse

Converse Noun Synonyms: discuss, talk, speak, chat, parley, discourse, gossip, chatter

Public Company

Business / Taxes / Public Company: The stock of a public company is owned and traded by individual and institutional investors. In contrast, in a privately held company, the stock is held by company founders, management, employees, and MORE

Efficient Market

Business / Taxes / Efficient Market: When the information that investors need to make investment decisions is widely available, thoroughly analyzed, and regularly used, the result is an efficient market. This is the case with securities MORE

Price-To-Earnings Ratio (P-E)

Business / Taxes / Price-To-Earnings Ratio (P-E): The price-to-earnings ratio (P-E) is the relationship between a company's earnings and its share price, and is calculated by dividing the current price per share by the earnings per share. A stock's P MORE