Science / Astrology / Cusp: The midway point between two Signs of the Zodiac; also used to refer to the start of a House within the chart wheel.


Health / Dentistry / Bicuspid: A two-cusped tooth found between the molar and the cuspid also known as an eye tooth or canine tooth. MORE

Cusp, Cusp Line

Science / Astrology / Cusp, Cusp Line: The line that separates the house and indicates the beginning of a house. See also house cusp. MORE

House Cusp

Science / Astrology / House Cusp: The zodiacal degree at which a house begins. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Cusp(S): The protruding portion(s) of a tooth's chewing surface. MORE


Science / Astrology / Co-Ruler: Prior to the discovery of Uranus, the Sun and Moon were believed to rule one sign each and the other five planets then known to humankind (Mercury through Saturn) to rule two signs each. When the thre MORE


Science / Astrology / Fertility: A classification of the signs based on their susposed productivity. Fertile signs, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces are said to be good for planting when occupied by the Moon, and are indicators of offspring w MORE