Derivative House

Science / Astrology / Derivative House: A system that describes the affairs of a house as they relate to another, assuming that one of the houses of interest is the first. For example, the second house to the third, actually the fourth house in the natal chart, describes financial affairs (a second house matter) of the brothers and sisters (a third house matter). The fourth house, which rules family interests, also represents the partner's career and reputation since it is the tenth from the seventh, which is associated with one's business or marital partner.

Other Words for Derivative

Derivative Adjective Synonyms: derivation, offshoot, development, spin-off, by-product
Derivative Noun Synonyms: derived, borrowed, procured, obtained, acquired, unoriginal, second-hand, copied, imitative, plagiarized, plagiaristic

Other Words for House

House Adverb Synonyms: residence, dwelling, dwelling-place, home, abode, household, homestead, domicile, lodging(s), quarters, building, edifice
House Verb Synonyms: family, line, lineage, dynasty, clan, ancestry, strain, race, blood, descendants, forebears
House Noun Synonyms: legislature, legislative body, congress, parliament, assembly, council, diet

Open House

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Occidental Houses

Science / Astrology / Occidental Houses: Correctly, houses that lie in the western (occidental) portion of a horoscope, houses four through nine. Sometimes used to describe first and third quadrant houses (one, two, three, seven, eight and n MORE

Ninth House

Science / Astrology / Ninth House: Also known as the House of Philosophy. It represents religion, travel, foreign countries, in-laws, higher education, publishing, import/export and ethics. MORE