Science / Astrology / Dignity: The sign that a planet rules naturally is its sign of dignity. A planet is essentially dignified when it occupies its natural sign of dignity or its sign of exaltation; it is accidentally dignified when placed in its natural house. It is in domal dignity when in its own sign.

Other Words for Dignity

Dignity Noun Synonyms: nobility, majesty, gravity, gravitas, solemnity, courtliness, distinction, stateliness, formality, grandeur, eminence, hauteur, loftiness

Accidental Dignity

Science / Astrology / Accidental Dignity: A planet that occupies its house of natural rulership or falls within 5° of an angle is said to be accidentally dignified. The term is also applied to planets in angular houses and to the most elevat MORE

Domal Dignity

Science / Astrology / Domal Dignity: See dignity. MORE

Essential Dignity

Science / Astrology / Essential Dignity: A planet's sign of natural rulership or exaltation. See also dignity, exalted. MORE


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