Science / Astrology / Directions: A term synonymous with progression. See Progressions.

Other Words for Directions

Directions Noun Synonyms: instruction(s), information, bearing, road, way, route, avenue, course

Secondary Progressions, Secondary Directions

Science / Astrology / Secondary Progressions, Secondary Directions: The method of progressing a natal horoscope in which each day after birth is equated to a corresponding number of years after birth; commonly referred to as 'day for a year' progressions. MORE

Primary Directions

Science / Astrology / Primary Directions: Originally, a mathematically complicated system of progressing a horoscope based upon the diurnal rotation of the Earth. The term is now loosely applied to any method of advancing house cusps, but usu MORE

Selectable Direction Tracking

Technology / Radar / Selectable Direction Tracking: This mode of radar operation allows the operator to monitor targets that are only going toward the patrol vehicle, away from it, or in both directions. Example: decatur gvp-d police radar gun w/ k-ban MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Polarization: Light said to travel in a a wave motion along a straight path, vibrating in all directions. Polarization can be brought about with a polarizing filter which causes light to vibrate in a single plane o MORE

Radar Reflector

Technology / Radar / Radar Reflector: A metal device designed for reflecting strong echoes of impinging radar signals towards their source. The corner reflector consists of three mutually perpendicular metal plates. Corner reflectors are MORE

Metes-And-Bounds Description

Business / Real Estate / Metes-And-Bounds Description: A legal description of a parcel of land that begins at a well marked point and follows the boundaries, using directions and distances around the tract, back to the place of beginning. MORE