Dissociate Aspect

Science / Astrology / Dissociate Aspect: An aspect within orb but out of sign. For example, a conjunction between a planet in 29° Capricorn and one in 0° Aquarius is within 1° orb but not in the same sign; therefore, it is a dissociate conjunction. A trine between a planet in 27° Aries and one in 2° Virgo is within 5° orb but the two planets are not in the same triplicity; the trine is dissociate. Dissociation disperses and thus weakens the strength or focus of an aspect.

Other Words for Aspect

Aspect Noun Synonyms: viewpoint, point of view, position, standpoint, side

Other Words for Dissociate

Dissociate Noun Synonyms: separate, cut off, sever, disassociate, disjoin, disconnect, abstract, disengage, detach, isolate, distance, break off, break up (with), divorce, set apart, segregate

Inharmonious Aspects

Science / Astrology / Inharmonious Aspects: Aspects in which planetary energies do not combine smoothly, mainly the semi-square, square, sesquiquadrate, quincunx, and opposition; also called difficult aspects. See also hard aspects. MORE

Harmonious Aspect

Science / Astrology / Harmonious Aspect: Aspects in which the planets involved are mutually supportive; their energies operate together comfortably and productively. The sextile and trine are major harmonious aspects; also called easy aspect MORE

Hard Aspects

Science / Astrology / Hard Aspects: Aspects that stimulate action or tension and induce motivation. All hard aspects are disharmonious to some extent except the conjunction and parallel, whose influence depends largely upon the natures MORE