Double Signs, Double-Bodied Signs

Science / Astrology / Double Signs, Double-Bodied Signs: Synonymous with bicorporeal signs; Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces. See also bicorporeal signs.

Other Words for Double

Double Verb Synonyms: twofold, paired, coupled, duplicate(d), doubled
Double Adjective Synonyms: folded or doubled or bent over, overlapped, two-ply


Entertainment / Video Games / Double-Jump: In certain platform games, you can perform a second jump after the first while in mid-air, allowing you to reach high platforms. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Double-Stop: Playing two notes simultaneously on a string instrument. MORE

Double-Entry Book-Keeping

Business / Accounting / Double-Entry Book-Keeping: A system which accounts for every aspect of a transaction - where it came from and where it went to. This from and to aspect of a transaction (called crediting and debiting) is what the term double-en MORE

Double-Entry Accounting

Business / Accounting / Double-Entry Accounting: A system of recording transactions in a way that maintains the equality of the accounting equation. MORE

Double-Declining-Balance Depreciation Method (DDB)

Business / Finance / Double-Declining-Balance Depreciation Method (DDB): Method of accelerated depreciation. MORE

Double-Dip Lease

Business / Finance / Double-Dip Lease: An accounting methodology in which depreciation is accelerated to twice the rate of annual depreciation by the straight-line method. MORE