Duad, Dwadasama, Also Dwadachamsha

Science / Astrology / Duad, Dwadasama, Also Dwadachamsha: A twelve-fold subdivision of the signs(each composed of 2 1/2°) developed by Hindu astrologers. The first duad of each sign is sub-ruled by the natural planetary ruler of the sign; the second duad is sub-ruled by the ruler of next sign in the zodiac and so on. These 'signs within a sign,' by virtue of their planetary rulers, account for subtle shadings of expression found in different degrees of the same sign.

Flat Price (Also Clean Price)

Business / Finance / Flat Price (Also Clean Price): Method used to determine a participant's benefits in a defined benefit plan by multiplying months of service by a flat monthly benefit. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Kalsomine: See Calcimine. MORE

Exchange Fund (Also Known As Swap Fund)

Business / Finance / Exchange Fund (Also Known As Swap Fund): A sale on an exchange floor of a large block of stock in a single transaction. A broker bunches a large number of buy orders and sells the block all at once. The broker receives a special commission f MORE