Science / Astrology / Elements: Ancients believed that the universe consisted of four primary elements, air, earth, fire and water from which the triplicities (also called elements), a four-fold division of the zodiac, are derived. Signs belonging to the same triplicity exhibit similar qualities symbolized by the element with which they are associated.

Other Words for Elements

Elements Noun Synonyms: (adverse or unfavourable) weather, climatic conditions

Common Elements

Business / Real Estate / Common Elements: Parts of a property that are necessary or convenient to the existence, maintenance and safety of a condominium or are normally in common use by all of the condominium residents. Each condominium owner MORE

Floating Elements

Entertainment / Photography / Floating Elements: One or more elements in a lens which adjust position relative to other components during focusing or zooming. Used to maintain correction of lens aberrations at all settings. MORE

The Four Elements

Entertainment / Literature / The Four Elements: The alchemical theory that all matter was composed of four components: earth, air, fire, and water. Each element had two spectrums of quality: hot/cold and dry/wet. For instance, earth was cold and dr MORE